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90 meter resolution digital elevation model

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API Documentation

The API endpoint /v1/elevation accepts one or multiple geographical coordinate and returns the terrain elevation for those points.

Data is based on the Copernicus DEM 2021 release GLO-90 with 90 meters resolution. The GLO-90 dataset is available worldwide with a free license.

All URL parameters are listed below:

Parameter Format Required Default Description
Floating point array Yes Geographical WGS84 coordinates of the location. Multiple coordinates can be coma , separated. Up to 100 coordinates can be requested at once. Example for multiple coordinates.
apikey String No Only required to commercial use to access reserved API resources for customers. The server URL requires the prefix customer-. See pricing for more information.

Additional optional URL parameters will be added. For API stability, no required parameters will be added in the future!

JSON Return Object

On success a JSON object is returned with just one attribute elevation. It is always an array, even if only one coordinate is requested.


  "elevation": [38.0]



In case an error occurs, for example a URL parameter is not correctly specified, a JSON error object is returned with a HTTP 400 status code.


  "reason":"Latitude must be in range of -90 to 90°. Given: 522.52."


Citation & Acknowledgement

ESA - EUsers, who, in their research, use the Copernicus DEM, are requested to use the following DOI when citing the data source in their publications: 


All users of Open-Meteo data must provide a clear attribution to the Copernicus program as well as a reference to Open-Meteo.