Free Weather API

Open-Meteo offers free weather forecast APIs for open-source developers and non-commercial use. No API key is required. You can start using it immediatly!

$ curl,relativehumitidy_2m,windspeed_10m

  "hourly": {
    "time":["2021-08-24T00:00","2021-08-24T01:00", ...]
    "windspeed_10m":[3.16,3.02,3.3,3.14,3.2,2.95, ...],
    "temperature_2m":[13.7,13.3,12.8,12.3,11.8, ...],
    "relativehumitidy_2m":[82,83,86,85,88,88,84,76, ...],

Hourly 7-day forecast worldwide

Open-Meteo collaborates with National Weather Services providing Open Data with 11 to 2 km resolution. Our high performance APIs select the best weather model for your location and provide data as a simple JSON API.

APIs are free without any API key for open-source developers and non-commercial use. You can embed them directly into your app.

Stay up to date!

Open-Meteo is rapidly advancing and constantly adding new features, weather variables and data sources. Enhancements, new versions and important bugs are announced on GitHub. Do you want to stay up to date? Just watch our GitHub repository (top-right on GitHub).